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Departament de Medicina i Cirugía Animal. Facultat de Veterinaria
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The evaluation of the material requests will be carried out by the Scientific Committee of the Tissue Animal Bank of Catalunya. This committee, in exceptional cases, will be able to designate external assessors and later on value its reports. This commitee also will participate when the requested samples need a non standardized manipulation or when it considers that the quantity of requested tissue exceeds the necessities or intentions of the presented project.

A mechanism of anonymous evaluation will be in use. In all cases, the concession of the requested material and its conditions will have to be approved by unanimity.

Unduly completed or lacking papers requests will not be submited to the evaluation.

When it is necessary to limit the access to a certain type of tissue for scarcity of samples, there will be established a priority order of access based on the following criteria:

  1. They will have priority the projects which principal researcher belongs to the Autonomous University of Barcelona or to any of the Centers Associated with the BTAC, to other institutions with special agreements on sample exchange or to the own research teams of the BTAC.

 2. The national projects, especially the aproved in the National Plan of R+D or in the Marco Program will have priority.

 3. About the rest of projects, will be prior those evaluated favorably by the National Agency of Evaluation or the international agency competent in the case of research projects coordinated with foreign teams of research.

It devolve upon the opinion of the persons in charge of the BTAC to yield tissue samples to cooperative multinational projects though the coordination of the project is not exercised from a Spanish team.