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Departament de Medicina i Cirugía Animal. Facultat de Veterinaria
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Every tissue manipulation involve an infectious agent exposition risk that must be minimized. The Animal Tissue Bank of Catalunya has the necessary equipment and its personnel works according to biosafety protocols revised by the Security and Ambiental Hygiene Office (OSHA) of the UAB.

Is not possible to strongly assure the absence of infectious agents in the samples considered as normal or control. For this reason, the researchers must handle all samples as if they were contaminated.
The main researchers of the project that recive samples provided by the BTAC assume the whole responsability of informing and train properly their researching and technical personnel about the risks and the optimum prevention and protection mesures.

In the case of samples diagnosed as pathological where it has been proved the presence of infectious agents (ex. prion transmissible spongiform encephalopathy), the applicant researcher will have to justify, by documents, that the assigned personnel has the apropiate train and that his center has the necessary equipment and biosafety mesures for the manipulation of this kind of material and guarantee the personnel protection inside and outside the center.

The BTAC attach in all its sendings an alert (biohazard alert orange label) indicating that the remited package contains material potentially biohazard.